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We Are Committed to Providing the Best Care

At Ynot1, we are families ourselves, and as a result, we very well understand the needs and yearnings of parents and guardians. We understand that your child is your priority and that you want them to get the perfect start to life. We are passionate about these and have decided to join you, making those dreams of yours come through. We have decided to partner with you and your family on the road to achieving these lofty goals.

Our Education

Our education offering cut across the following categories:


We go about ensuring sustainability by bringing about inclusiveness in the learning opportunities available to all children and staff. Inclusiveness is a crucial part of sustainability, and the more people we can include in education, the better for society. We do this by providing training opportunities to all staff, parents, and even the general society. This enables them to develop quality knowledge around sustainability issues.

Ages 2-3 Years

We recognise that our toddlers are beginning to form a strong sense of self and encourage them to explore different concepts every day. We believe in supporting our toddlers to grow and learn in a nurturing and holistic way. We create a safe and secure space that encourages them to test how the world works continuously. Our program helps toddlers extend their experiences through meaningful activities that help your child build appropriate skills for their development

Ages 4-5 Years

This seems to be the final year of the early childhood education system. This is the preschool year, and thus, this program is geared at helping your child get prepared for the new school year. The preparation process cuts across the emotional, physical, cognitive, and social areas of your child's development. More importantly, what we do is that we build on the work that we have done so far in the first three years of growth.

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Our Approach

At Ynot1, we employ a comprehensive approach to our care and education programs. This is an approach the covers and caters to all the moving parts involved in proper education. These moving parts include the environment in which we conduct our learning and nurturing. Then, we invest in the people that make things happen at our centres. Finally, our comprehensive approach includes careful investment in our programs.

What Parents Like About Us

Parents of children in our centres have been giving overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedbacks about what we do. Amongst all of these reviews, we have noticed that they talked about some things the more. These include our environment and the quality of the education we provide.

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