4 Things That Successful New Dads Do

What You Should Do as a New Dad

It is quite agreed that both parents have almost equal roles in the nurture, care, growth, and development of a child. However, we have to note that dads have quite a special place in these. There are many ways in which you can go on to perform your role as a dad, but successful new dads particularly do these.

1. Being Available to Attend Activities and Events

One of the best things that you can do as a successful dad is by trying as much as possible to always be available for your child's events and activities. There is almost no better way to prove that you love your child than always to be there when they have events and activities that they will be part of. Which events and activities are we referring to here?


This is, by far, everyone's most special day. This is one day dedicated to your child among the several days of the year. Amongst other things, it commemorates the day your child came into your life and the family. Thus, you must try to be available for every birthday celebration. This is one ritual you must be willing to be committed to, especially when your child is still quite young.

School Activities

As your child grows and attends school, the number of events you have to attend grows. For one, you have to be available for events such as the parent-teacher day. This day allows you to know from the teacher how your child fares academically and otherwise. Other events you must attend are the end-of-year activities and award nights. This is especially important if your child is involved in extra-curricular programs and performs at the event. The joy your child gets when you are in the stands, cheering them will know no bounds. Your child may be involved in other extra-curricular projects, for instance, in the neighbourhood, where events will be held.

2. Playing Together

Children always desire fun, and they need to play around. There is no better place to get that fun than with their dads. When they play with you, they can bond with you and know you more.

3. Talking to Them

As children grow up, they start to talk. They have feelings and thoughts which they can now express with words. Children want attention. They always desire to be heard. As a result, you must always be there to listen to them. You should also talk to them.

4. Be Committed to Them

You should be available for them, all through their daily living. Be part of mundane things such as bathing and clothing them, taking them to see the movies, preparing their meals, and helping with school work. Try to know what goes on in their daily lives, and offer help wherever it is needed. Sometimes, they may not want to speak, but there are ways to go about this. One of them is opening up about what goes daily with you. They will, in turn, tell you their own stories as well.

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