A Typical Day

Another Day

At Ynot1, no two days are the same. We do not follow a rigid system of rules and regulations. We believe that rigid rules and routines do not help us. We are dealing with children and toddlers who are just being introduced to life and education. At this stage, what is most important is their creativity. We make it a central part of our educational strategy to develop their innovative capabilities, which will help them discover their hidden talents. Furthermore, it is believed that a rigid, routine-based system will not help the individuality that we aim to teach in the children under our care. We strongly believe that every child is unique and special. They have attributes and talents that set them apart from others. We believe that this is the best time to develop those abilities or establish the foundation for them to be developed in the future. It is believed that rigid systems will not be ideal for developing this individuality, unique and special attributes. However, there are still some days that we can refer to as 'typical.' Our days are typically divided into five main sections: The Mornings, the Mid-Mornings, the Mid of the Mornings, and the Afternoons. We describe such typical days.

The Mornings

Anything can happen during our mornings. Typically, children are brought in by their parents, and our staff are available to usher them in. At 8:30 am, our carefully prepared, highly delicious meal is served as breakfast. Typically, we serve it before 8:30 am. This signals the start of our day. As against what we have in conventional and traditional education, we start our days with play. Our educators use this time to connect with the children and encourage them to familiarise themselves.

The Mid-Mornings

After we have played and connected in the morning, we then take a morning tea. We are very much invested in your child's physical development, and we do everything to facilitate this. One of the ways we make that happen is ensuring they get quality nutrition. The tea gives some much-needed energy that will help us power our days. We then invest the other parts of our morning in some quality learning sessions. These learning sessions are done together. The purpose of this group learning is to facilitate belonging, collectivity, and cooperation. Finally, each child is left free to explore their interests and activities. This is for them to channel their curiosity properly. These individual learning and extra-curricular sessions are designed and supervised by our educators. These interests can typically range from music to science and creative arts.

The Mid-days

We spend our middays on quality meals and then get some deserved rest. In furthering our collaborative lifestyle, we take our meals together with both staff and children sitting together. After lunch, children can now take some rest. In children in the later stages of education, the rest time is definite and held during middays. But for much younger children, there is a need for flexibility in their rest times.

The Afternoons

The afternoons are used for a combination of learning and play activities, which are interspersed. We take some tea break in between and spend the rest of our days on creative ventures.
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