Babies 0-2 Years

Age 0 - 2

We provide one of the best early childhood care and education for your baby. Your baby's earliest years (typically 0-2 years) are by far the most important in his/her education and care. The type and standard of education that your child receives at this earliest period can go a long way to determine or, at best, influence the trajectory of the child as the child grows. We understand and recognise this and have thus decided to be your partner in making sure that your baby gets the best foundational level of education. This beginner-level education will serve as a strong foundation upon which your child gets to build their educational experience going forward. In achieving this, we have put several things in place.


First, there is the environment. As experts in early childhood education, we know for a fact that the ability of babies to learn is enhanced by their feeling of safety and security in whatever environment they may be. Thus, we have invested resources in ensuring that we build the most serene and comfortable environment to aid and enhance learning at this stage.


Next, we have invested in our educators. These are the people that will deliver quality education to your baby, and they are the ones that your baby gets familiar with. As such, we have committed resources to ensure that they are properly trained and catered for. Our educators are some of the most qualified in the fields of early childhood care and education.


Next, we invest in programs. Children at this level of education require carefully planned education and curriculum. Educational planning should take into account the peculiar needs they have at this stage of life. More importantly, there is a need for such a curriculum to enhance their uniqueness and individuality and channel such uniqueness to productive uses. We achieve all of the above by structuring our education into different broad categories:

Emotional and Social Education

Children at this stage are just getting to relate with people and know the world around them. They require quality social and emotional education that will help them develop quality relationships and partnerships with their peers and others. In so doing, we use practical experiences to teach them cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork. Quality emotional and social education for babies of 0-2 years will form a strong foundation for transforming them into responsible citizens as they grow. They will be able to develop self-awareness and confidence internally and show empathy to others externally.

Your Babies' Cognitive Development

Beyond emotional development, we direct our focus to the cognitive development of your child. Through the most relaxing of exercises, we help increase and expand their brains' capacity to handle different phenomena. To do this, we engage them in mentally and cognitively stimulating play. All of these are geared at enhancing their ability to think, remember, understand and imagine things.

Your Babies' Physical Development

Another crucial part of your babies' development is physical development. While we build mentally and emotionally sound individuals, we believe that building out of your baby a physically healthy and strong individual is also important. We encourage the development of psychomotor and other skills.

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