COVID-19 & Our Childcare Services

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from a welcome development to our activities. In fact, it has caught the whole world by surprise and affected the way we do things. However, we are adapting as quickly as possible to ensure that we can guarantee your child’s safety and that of our staff. We are even committed to ensuring that we minimise the spread of the virus and contribute our quota to making the Australian community safe for all.
Over the last couple of weeks and months, we have undertaken various reforms to ensure that we can meet the safety requirements and standards for our facilities’ safe reopening. There have been significant changes in our operational procedures. At the heart of this has been our commitment to ensuring that your child is safe and your family is also safe.
We hope to reduce the risk of infection to the barest minimum. This way, your child is not denied the great service that we have in stock for them. You can count on us to continually cover the field to ensure that your child and everyone within our facility remains safe and sound.
Our commitment covers the following areas:
• We are committed to reducing the physical interactions between our staff, visitors, parents, and children. We recognise that social distancing is at the heart of reducing the spread of the virus. As such, we commit ourselves to ensure that we maintain the necessary social distancing to the extent that it is practicable within our facilities.
• We are also committed to monitoring the presence of visitors within our facility. In fact, we ensure that we limit the presence of unessential visitors in our facility. So, every individual present in our facility performs an essential service that we cannot do away with.
• We are committed to conducting relevant screening before allowing anyone into our facilities. We ensure that we reduce the risk of the infection getting into our facility through this mechanism. Where we find anyone with unusually high temperature, we deny them access to our facility for their safety and that of our children. We then recommend that they take the COVID-19 test to be sure of their health status.
• We are committed to ensuring that we maintain the highest level of hygiene in our facility. We ensure that we keep all surfaces clean and disinfected regularly. We ensure that we don’t give the virus a chance to spread.
• We are committed to providing our visitors and staff with the necessary equipment to prevent the virus’s spread. We provide them with a nose mask and face shields. We also provide gloves to ensure that there’s less physical contact.
• We are also committed to ensuring that we constantly inform our staff and families of the virus’s risk and our actions towards combatting the spread of the virus within our community and facility.

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