Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions that you may have:

What Is Included In the Fees to Be Paid?

Our approach to educating your child is very comprehensive. We provide all the care, attention, and support that your child needs. 

Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Top-quality education with a carefully designed curriculum
  • Training on speaking and language development and sight alongside hearing skills
  • Regular, carefully prepared meals and meal plans designed by experienced dieticians
  • General and all-round education and extra-curricular programs, including music education, physical and health development, and training on foreign languages
  • Parent-teacher meets and other events

What If The Child Has Some Specific Dietary Requirements?

Our centre believes in each child’s uniqueness, and thus, we provide for each child’s specific dietary requirements.

Does Your Centre Provide Parking Off-Street?

There is ample space for comfortable parking off-street.

What If There Are Concerns or Complaints?

Your priority and goal every time is to see your child’s utmost wellbeing, and we have made that exactly our business. However, we do recognise that you may have some concerns and reservations regarding any issue. And in furtherance of our goal of ensuring quality service, we are always ready to listen to these concerns or complaints. At all times, we handle these concerns most professionally and confidentially and ensure that those concerns are attended to or fixed.

How Do You Set Your Staff-To-Child Ratio?

There is no fixed ratio. It depends on the age group. However, our ratios are very low across the board, with extra staff always on the ground to attend to each child. 

Does Your Staff Have First Aid Training?

We take our staff through comprehensive training on first aid and asthma management, anaphylaxis, and other conditions. There are also experienced supervisors on the ground in case of emergencies. 

What Are the Qualifications of Your Staff?

Our staff is very much qualified in the education of children, especially at the early childhood stage. Working with these teachers are expert curriculum developers.

How Does Communication Between Staff and Children Happen?

We make use of specialised applications to give you updates on the education of your child. We actively share knowledge on your child’s overall that might be helpful in proper nurturing. There is also the opportunity for one-on-one conversations when you come to pick your child up and drop your child off.

What Are The Extra-Curricular Activities That You Offer?

Our extra-curricular activities are very varied, and they include music, language, sports and dance, and much more. We carefully select the extra-curricular activity that will best suit your child and boost their overall learning and development.

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