Navigating Grandparenting

When talking about child care and development, the focus is almost always on the parents. Not so much is said about other members of the family, especially the grandparents. Grandparenting is a life stage when you mostly sit back and rest from all of life's issues and problems. However, it is also a time for you to be involved, actively in fact, the grooming and care of the next generation. As a grandparent, you hold a special place in your grandchild's life and can be a crucial factor in the child's overall growth and development. Children who have their grandparents close to them are very lucky. This is because grandparents shower on them extra love, care, attention, and much more to the child. Overall they play important roles in the child's life.

What You Can Do as a Grandparent

As we have mentioned, you have quite an important role in the care and nurture of your grandchildren. You can assist the parents in the childcare, especially as they may be quite busy with their careers. As a grandparent, there are several things that you can in this regard. These include:

Invest Time

You should endeavour to spend quality moments with your grandchildren. During these moments, you can have all types of fun. You can tell them the family history or stories of your exploits when you were much younger. This very act of showing interest in them will help the grandchild develop much-needed self-confidence.

Mentor the Parents

The parents are just starting in the art of parenting and thus are still learning. At this stage, they need every help that they can get. Such help can come in the form of moral support. You can offer tips and guides on how to go about many things regarding child care and nurturing.

Earn Their Confidence

As children grow up, there are several things that they cannot inform about or discuss with their parents. However, you can position yourself in a way to be their go-to person when they have some of these issues that they cannot confidently tell their parents. You can build this confidence level by being genuinely interested in everything they do, asking questions about their daily lives, spending quality time with them, and much more.

Skill Development

This follows from the idea of spending quality time with your grandchildren. During these times, you can invest in their skills development. You can teach them crafts, especially those that are not being taught anymore. For instance, you can teach them how to make old recipes, amongst others.

Specific Childcare tips to Keep in Mind

These tips will help you with specific ideas on general child care. • Always provide them with games and toys, and try to be as current as possible as to the popular games at a particular time. • Try to be up-to-date with new child nurture tips and tricks. You can do this by reading the latest books and blogs. • Always be available to know their current interests. Their interests evolve, so try to know what they are up to at a particular time.

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