Our Approach

Understanding Our Approach

At Ynot1, we employ a comprehensive approach to our care and education programs. This is an approach the covers and caters to all the moving parts involved in proper education. These moving parts include the environment in which we conduct our learning and nurturing. Then, we invest in the people that make things happen at our centres. Finally, our comprehensive approach includes careful investment in our programs.

The Environment

Our goal has always been to build an environment that will bring out the best in your child. The environment we envision building is secure and free from all forms of disturbances and distractions. It is one that is quite welcoming to your children, irrespective of their age groups and educational or nurturing needs. In pursuance of these goals, we have made sure we built an environment that is very much conducive for child nurturing activities. This environment is one that has fostered creativity, curiosity, innovation, and excellence in our children. The environment is designed to ensure that learning is as much as possible, collaborative, and cooperative.

Our Staff

Apart from our children and parents, our educators are the next most important people in the community that makes up Ynot1. They hold the responsibility of delivering top-notch care, nurturing, and education to your children. As a result, we commit ourselves to cultivate the best crop of educators that you can find anywhere.

Why Are They the Best?

Firstly, our educators are most passionate about what they do at our centres. They made it their lifelong goals to deliver the best of early childhood education and care. However, it is not only passion. Our staff members possess the qualifications to deliver on their jobs.

Our Programs

We have invested in creating the most value-adding curriculum for early childhood education and care we can find around. We have built all of our programs based on some beliefs that have been time-proven. One such is the individuality and uniqueness of each child. It is our firm belief that every child is special and unique. They have hidden traits and talents that set them apart, positively, from their counterparts. We have set out to not only discover these brilliant traits but create an atmosphere under which you can nurture them. Furthermore, we believe that learning at this stage has to be gradual and systematic. This is because, despite children belonging to the same age group at this stage, their needs are necessarily not the same. Thus, there is a need for flexible learning and nurturing that changes as their needs do. Finally, we also have the belief that comprehensive education at this stage involves different moving parts. These include physical, cognitive, and emotional education.

Emotional and Social Education

Children require quality social and emotional education to help them develop quality relationships and partnerships with their peers and others. In so doing, we use practical experiences to teach them cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.

Cognitive Education

We have designed an educational curriculum to stimulate the cognitive development of your child. We do this in the most fun-filled and exciting ways.

Physical Development

We aim to develop children who are well built-in every ramification, including cognitive, emotional, and physical ramifications. This we do through well-planned exercises.
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