Ages 4-5

Age 4 - 5

This seems to be the final year of the early childhood education system. This is the preschool year, and thus, this program is geared at helping your child get prepared for the new school year. The preparation process cuts across the emotional, physical, cognitive, and social areas of your child's development. More importantly, what we do is that we build on the work that we have done so far in the first three years of growth. Our programs for this age group also cut across the emotional, cognitive, physical, and even language and speech areas of education.

Preschool Emotional and Social Education

At this stage, your child has developed some level of emotional intelligence and capacity. They can largely identify and, more importantly, relate to the environment around them. They can relate to their friends and family. They can work in groups and now value teamwork. However, they need to start learning more complex relationships, such as school-based relationships and group work. We have put in the programs to be able to ensure that they learn these properly.

Preschool Cognitive Education

This level of education is needed for cognitive development, especially since they are in the preschool stage. At this stage, we aim to challenge the child to put to good use their cognitive abilities. We made these activities to boost the cognitive abilities to be fun and interesting, making learning as stimulating as possible. The cognitive development of your child involves different areas, and we recognise this. For one, there is a need for them to master numeracy skills, as they will very much need this for arithmetics and other quantitative fields of study. Then there is literacy, as there is the need for your child to learn literary appreciation and other humanities skills: other skills they need to learn to include basic technological knowledge and their use and application. Finally, there are creativity and language skills.

Preschool Physical Education

Your child is growing physically, and there is the need to channel that growth properly. Their physical development is quite important at this stage to bring about individuals that are strong, fit, and healthy. To facilitate their physical education and development, we encourage both outdoor and indoor exercises. We enable them to start taking responsibility for their physical health. This independence enables them to stand on their own, a skill that will help them throughout life.

Preschool Language and Speech Education

An important part of overall education is the ability to speak and understand what is being spoken. This is quite important because it connects to other levels and sections of our comprehensive education program. It is very important for emotional and social education as it enables one crucial part of emotional development, and that is communication. For proper comprehensive emotional development, your child needs to communicate properly, and language and speech are needed for that to happen. Then, there is cognitive development. Speech development is needed for informal and formal learning, especially as preschoolers join the formal school system. Language is needed for your child to comprehend the concepts being discussed in school. The learning at this level is two-way. Your child needs to be able to take in concepts and also be able to express their thoughts regarding these. Thus, there is a need for speech development.
Boy (4-5) on swing

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