Strategies to Raise An Inclusive Child

Raising An Inclusive Child

In all your quest at child care, always ensure to nurture your child to be inclusive. All the marginalisation and differences that people display today were most likely taught when they were children. Thus, it is important that as a parent, you strive at making your child inclusive of others no matter their differences. Inclusive children get to know their world better, which greatly develops their cognitive abilities. There are different ways in which you can teach this all-important life trait to your child. These include:

Show Examples

The best way children learn is not by what you tell them. Far from it, they learn much more from what they see than what they are instructed to do. Children can be described as the best imitation learners in the world. Thus, if you want to teach your child how to be inclusive, you need to show them in your actions. That is, you must be an inclusive person yourself first. One of the ways you teach them is by being open and receptive to others. This starts with getting to know your neighbours and developing a genuine interest in them. You can take this to other places, especially in their school. How active you are in their school's parent-teacher community can go a long way in entrenching the idea of inclusiveness in them.

Never Hide Differences from Them

The best way to teach your child to be inclusive is not to avoid them, knowing that differences exist. This is far from being an effective strategy. It is good that they should know about the differences that do exist in society. You should then teach them how to navigate those differences and also appreciate them. One positive way to expose them to differences in a way that will help them is by travelling. When they visit different places with different cultures, they tend to appreciate these varying cultures better. Paying visits to cultural museums also have the same effects. After making them aware of the differences, it is time to pay particular emphasis to the similarities. In words and action, explain that people are the same everywhere. Let them know that first, we all are humans.

Team Them Empathy and Love

You can take this further by teaching them a very important life skill, which is compassion. The truth is they cannot always be friends with everyone, especially on a closer level. That is practically impossible. However, what is possible is that they can be compassionate unto everyone. That is, they can have and show empathy towards others. The best place to learn this is directly from you. This follows the importance of being a worthy example, as we talked about above. The best way to teach your child to have empathy is to have it and show it as well. You can do this by genuinely caring for others who are in need. You can go out of your way to meet strangers or persons new to a neighbourhood and may need help settling down.

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