Our Testimonials

At Ynot1, we are families ourselves, and as a result, we very well understand the needs and yearnings of parents and guardians. We understand that your child is your priority and that you want them to get the perfect start to life. We are passionate about these and have decided to join you, making those dreams of yours come through. We have decided to partner with you and your family on the road to achieving these lofty goals. We are passionate about developing brilliant children who will later become excellent citizens. We desire to build the next generation to be much better than and surpass the current. As you will agree with us, the earliest years are the best to teach all of these. To achieve these, we have made it our mission to invest our time, resources, and attention in every child that comes under our care. And that includes your child.

What We Do

These are just some of the things we teach in your child:


We believe that education holds a lot of benefits for your child now and in the far future. They can only have access to these benefits if they get access to the best. At Ynot1, we are providing the best early childhood education you can find.


Your child has hidden talents that you may not be aware of yourself. It is our goal to discover and nurture these talents to professional heights. This we aim to do via fostering extra-curricular interests.

Personality Traits and Development

We aim to develop responsible citizens who contribute their best to the advancement of human society. We aim to do this by teaching important personality traits in children, including cooperation and collaboration, empathy and kindness, and much more.

What Parents Like About Us

Parents of children in our centres have been giving overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedbacks about what we do. Amongst all of these reviews, we have noticed that they talked about some things the more. These include our environment and the quality of the education we provide.

The Environment

Over time, we have made it our goal to build an environment that will bring out the best in your child. Such an environment is one that is secure and free from all forms of disturbances and distractions. It is very welcoming to everyone, including the children, you as the parents or other guardians, and of course, our staff. We have ensured that our environment is serene and conducive for all types of child development activities. Under the atmosphere we have created, children can learn to become innovative and creative. The cooperative environment will make them learn the trait of collaboration with others and much more.


Our staff and educators are the ones that make things happen at our care centres. We offer the best crop of educators that you may find anywhere. For one, our staff members are very passionate about early childhood education. They have made it their lifelong careers to see that the best is brought out of children at their very early stages. However, beyond passion, our staff members possess the requisite qualifications to perform their jobs. With our educators' care and specific attention to every child, we can develop children that are thoroughly bred and developed.

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