Ages 2-3 Years

Age 2 - 3

We recognise that our toddlers are beginning to form a strong sense of self and encourage them to explore different concepts every day. We believe in supporting our toddlers to grow and learn in a nurturing and holistic way. We create a safe and secure space that encourages them to test how the world works continuously. Our program helps toddlers extend their experiences through meaningful activities that help your child build appropriate skills for their development. Through age-specific resources, relationships, play, and communication, your little one is encouraged to grow and develop in our care. Your child is no longer the baby that they used to be. They have now got a strong foundation across the cognitive, emotional and social, and physical areas of their personality. Now, it is time to build on this. Although the years 0-2 are crucial, the years 2-3 also hold a lot of importance. This is because it is at this stage that you get to build on the strong foundations that you have laid for your child in their earliest years. We have decided not to leave you alone in getting this done. Our sole mission is to partner with you up, no matter the stage your child might be at, at any moment. We have put in place structures and systems that will help us achieve these goals. For one, we have invested in building the most conducive environment to enhance learning. At this stage, your child needs an environment that enables them to continue to explore the world around them. Your child's curiosity is growing at this stage, and they want to know more about the world. We recognise this and have put in place an environment that nurtures and properly cultivates that curiosity. Then we invest in programs. With our programs, we aim to build on the personality skills and attributes you have taught.

Emotional and Social Education

Emotional and social education forms an important bedrock of their overall education and nurturing. At this stage, your child's self-awareness has increased by leaps, and they now better understand themselves. However, they may be lacking in understanding the environment around them, most especially the human environment. Yes, they can now identify others and, to some extent, relate with them, but cannot yet express their thoughts with them properly. Thus, what they need at this stage is to help to articulate their feelings and thoughts. For this, they need to learn basic communication skills, especially with others. They may also need help channelling their emotions properly.

Cognitive Education

The next thing to be done is to invest in the cognitive development of your child. Here also, we focus on the work that has been done in the earliest stages and focus on trying to expand it. As we have mentioned earlier, the curiosity of your child is at its peak here. A good way to help them with cognitive and intellectual development is to help them deploy that curiosity as freely as possible. Here, we focus on individuality and uniqueness. This allows your child to focus on whom they are outside a strictly formal and seemingly restrictive educational system. We encourage them to learn new skills and concepts all in a play-based, practical and exciting way. We also continue with their physical development.

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